Questions to ask before hiring a social media manager

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If you’re running a successful small business and managing your own social media accounts there will inevitably come a time when you start considering outsourcing your social media.

There are so many AMAZING social media managers out there. Knowing questions to ask about the tactics and ways social media mangers handle your account will help you find the perfect fit for you company.  

So before you outsource your social media, you might want to ask these questions:

1.     What third party apps will you sign my social media accounts up to?

You may not realise this but certain third party apps are against Instagram’s terms and conditions.

The answer you want to hear to this question is that they will use a scheduling app and one to gather the analytics for your accounts.  Any apps that automatically follow, comment or like are against Instagram’s terms and conditions. Using them might result in your account being closed or shadow banned.

2.     Do you ever buy social media followers or likes?

When you buy followers or likes, that engagement is coming from a fake account. Full stop. There is literally no way to purchase genuine followers or likes unless you run social media ads.

If your social media manager purchases followers or likes this should be a red flag. Not only is purchasing followers or likes against most platforms terms and conditions, bought followers negatively affect your social media accounts.

Only a small percentage of your followers will be shown your posts organically and the number of genuine followers who will see your post will be even further reduced once you start buying followers.

3.     Do you use social media engagement pods?

Engagement pods are very common on Instagram and increasingly used on Facebook.  An engagement pod is a group of people that agree to like and sometimes comment on each other’s posts. (If you'd like to understand pods more  check out my earlier blog).

This can look like genuine engagement and it might seem like your account is really growing. The problem with engagement pods is that the engagement is artificial. The people commenting are only doing so to get engagement on their posts - not because they are interested in your business or products.

The idea behind engagement pods is that if you trick the algorithm into thinking the post is popular THEN you might get some genuine engagement. 

The problem with this?  You’re paying someone to spend hours engaging in pods instead of building genuine relationships with your target audience.

4.     Who will be handling my social media account?

Believe it or not even when working with a boutique social media agency the person you speak to might not be the person handling the account.  Is your account going to be managed by the intern or perhaps it’s outsourced to someone overseas?

Clarify exactly who’s going to managing the day to day of your account. Remember, social media is the face of your company and bad management can damage your company’s reputation.

Engaging a social media manager can be a bit scary, especially if you’ve been nurturing and growing your own account for years.  Asking these questions should give you peace of mind that the person you choose will be growing your account in a genuine, authentic and successful manner.  

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