Fall back in love with Instagram

We’re hearing around the place that people are feeling frustrated with Instagram. That people have plateaued or are feeling that they are not getting the same reach as even a few weeks ago. Has Instagram changed the algorithm again? Maybe. But at the end of the day, does it matter? 

Instagram is still a fantastic platform to connect with customers and grow your brand online. However, if you’re not feeling the love right now, here are some tips to shake it up!  

What are you posting on Instagram?

Have a look at your feed. Is it all looking a bit… the same?  
Mix it up. Post some behind the scenes shots. Got any work in progress?  Post that. Has something or someone inspired you lately? Share it with your followers. What are you dreaming about? Tell everyone! Change the conversation to see great results.

When are you posting on Instagram?

If you have an Instagram business account they tell you the best times to post. I find however that when you post at the exact same time your posts attract less and less engagement. Even adding an extra 30 minutes can result in a HUGE increase in likes and comments. If you usually post in the morning, try the evening. Think about when your customers might have some down time. Is it in bed before they head to work, after they drop the kids at school, on their lunch break, on public transport after work. Post at a different time of day and see what happens, and don't worry if Instagram says its not the 'best time'. 

How are you using Hashtags? 

When was the last time you reviewed your hashtags, and the number you use?  For a few days last week I used 5 hashtags LESS and saw my engagement go up. Varying the hashtags and amount used can give you big results. Maybe it’s that different people see it, or maybe Instagram just prefers accounts with less repetition. Variety is the spice of life after all.  

Are you connecting online?

The final tip - think about how you connect online. I’m a huge advocate for sharing the love by liking inspiring and cool images. Are you commenting too?  I’m not talking about those autobot comments like ‘too funny!'  or ‘this is beautiful’. Aim to leave a few meaningful comments on posts you connect with every day.  Remember social media is a two-way street.  

I'd love to hear if you use any of these tips and how they work for you. Have you discovered any tips that you find increase engagement?