7 types of social media posts your business should be doing

Social media is great, but it can also be time-consuming. Especially when you’re a small business owner managing it yourself.  One thing we hear over and over is that businesses, especially service based businesses, struggle to know what to post about.

I know you’re nodding your head in agreement right now.  Thinking of content can be HARD.  So we've put together this list of seven types of content that are especially effective for businesses.


Got new products in your shop? Changed your menu? New window display even? That’s all social media gold. Even if you’re a service based business you can still talk about non-physical products. Explain what the product is, how it’s used, what it does, who it’s for. How they can go about ordering it. The list is endless. Really. 


Got some great feedback?  Shout it from the rooftops or at least the imaginary ones online. No one wants to hear a person talking about how great they are… but everyone loves to hear a review. In the age of the internet, word of mouth referrals include online reviews so make the most of them.

Behind the scenes

I’ll let you in on a secret - everyone is nosy. Tap into that and share a shot of what you’ve been working on. Some things to share might be a new client, a fun event, your morning routine, your office, outfit of the day or my personal favourite - new stationery. It helps to show the face and person behind the brand. 

Shout out

Discovered a new café, restaurant or anything?  Maybe it’s not a new find but a long-time love. Write a post about what is great about it and tag the business to help others find them. That, my friends, equals good online karma (Is there such a thing?  Who knows, but if there is that's how you get it). 

Tips and tricks

You’re an expert in your field so let everyone in on the secret by sharing industry tips and tricks. Giving value online is a social currency that only leads to good things - like new clients. Think about the things in your industry that are hard to understand or that people not in the know get wrong - then explain it in simple clear language.


This one may surprise you but memes? They're memorable and help customer connect and remember you. You can either share one you’ve seen or create your own.  Trust us, memes equals great engagement. Always remember to keep them on brand, and decide beforehand where you draw the line on things like swearing or sarcasm. There is no right or wrong on this one. It’s just what you feel most comfortable with for your brand.  

User generated content

This best suit those who do events, run a shop, café or have physical products. And if not?  Think about investing in something small and Instagram worthy to gift clients.  My current favourites- adorable branded cookies. Encourage customers to post photos to social media with a specified hashtags such as #myshopname.  You can even offer a monthly prize to get people snapping. Then share, share, share- because everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame.

We’ve given you seven relatively easy posts to write, and if you create four of each…. then you’ll have a WHOLE MONTH of content (almost). Easy!

We’d love to know the type of social media post you like to read. Leave a comment below. 

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