Ramp up your Instagram strategy with stories

Ramp up your Instagram strategy with stories Shine communication

Instagram stories may just be the best thing since sliced bread in this digital marketers humble opinion. Yep, I’m making that call. Instagram stores are the secret sauce to any Instagram strategy right now, and with a 67% increase in users in the last 3 months I’m not the only one who loves them. 

But first up what exactly are Instagram stories? 

Instagram stories have their own feed at the top of your homepage.  You can upload short 15 second videos or images to your stories and they will disappear after 24 hours. 

Stories don’t have the ability for people to like or comment on the stories- but people can respond by sending you a private message. You can add locations and hashtags to stories to help increase the exposure like you would in a normal post. 

So how exactly can you use Instagram stories to increase your social media game? 

1.    Invite your followers behind the scenes

Some of the best social media stories I see show the day to day going on in the business. You might think that it’s boring, but people are nosy and love to get a snap shot into other peoples lives. So share what you’re doing and help build the all important like, know and trust with your followers.

2.    Use stories for sneak peeks and pre-launch

Build up interest and excitement in new products or services by providing a sneak peak.  It helps your followers feel ‘in the know’ and will help to generating buzz before new items are even available.

3.    Be the face of the brand

Businesses of all sizes should be getting in front of the camera, introducing their staff and letting their personalities shine. Because people do business with people. End of story. 

4.    Use polls to gain insights into your customers

Thinking of launching a new product but can’t decide the colour?  Ask your customers what they’d prefer. There’s nothing better than getting some direct feedback from your followers.   

5.    Have fun! 

The best way to get engagement on your stories is not to take them too seriously. Remember that they are only here for 24 hours- no-one is expecting high quality video production. Remember there is only so much you can say or do in 15 seconds.  

Stories can seem intimidating when you start but our advice is just to jump in!  Try a few different styles and you’ll be surprised with the number of messages that start rolling in. 

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