Improve Your Facebook Ads With These Five Simple Tips


People tend to fall into one of two camps. They either loath Facebook ads and think they are pointless, or, like me, they LOVE Facebook ads with a passion.

If you’re a small business owner and not running Facebook ads you’re missing out. Full stop. Facebook offers the cheapest and most effective advertising around. Maybe you’re unsure about where to start with Facebook ads? Or perhaps you’ve tried them before with no luck? Don’t give up just yet! Here are my top five tips for getting the best results from Facebook ads.


1.    Know your audience

The key to great results with Facebook ads is understanding your customers and targeting accordingly. The trick is to set your targeting to your KEY DEMOGRAPHIC. What does that mean? Technically anyone of any age or gender might be a customer but every business will have a strong appeal to a specific customer type. Narrowing your targeting to the demographic most likely to make a purchase will save you money AND get better results.


2.    Understand why you’re running Facebook ads

Running Facebook ads even when successful doesn’t make any sense if you don’t have a strategy.

Work out what you want to achieve and WHY before you start running ads. Facebook ads should align with your marketing and business goals not just to get ‘likes’. This is the main reason people advise against boosting posts. Any ads you run should ideally be to drive people to your website or subscriber list.


3.    Successful Facebook ads are developed

If your first Facebook ad is wildly successful, then brilliant…. But usually, to get the BEST result you need to develop your ad. What that means is testing ads and seeing what works.

By using split testing in ads you can really drive down your cost per conversion and end up with results of $20, $30 and even $100 income for every dollar spent on Facebook ads. For most people, these type of results will take quite a few attempts – but once you do this you will have a much better understanding of who will respond to your offer on Facebook.


4.    Monitor your Facebook ads

The cost to run ads on Facebook literally is only a few dollars a day. The best part? If you aren’t seeing results you can switch them off.  I’ve spoken with a lot of small business owners who tell me that they’ve spent hundreds on ads for no visible results. There is no reason for this to ever happen - If you’re not seeing results from Facebook ads simply turn the ad off.


5.    The Facebook Pixel

Finally, make sure you’ve installed the Facebook pixel on your website. The Facebook pixel is a piece of code you add to your website that allows you to retarget ads to people who have interacted with your account or website. Effectively allowing you to run ads with a cheaper and higher conversation rate. Facebook explains how to install the Pixel here.


So,  before you run a Facebook ad make sure that you understand who you’re targeting, why you’re running the ad and monitor your ads so you can see who is responding to them.  

I'd love to hear how you find Facebook ads.